Avery 5267 label misalignment

I’m trying to print return address labels on Avery 5267 labels using a LaserJet 2200 printer. I’ve printed several test pages on plain paper and held them up to the light with a label sheet. I’ve increased both the top and left page margins until the print seems to be positioned correctly on the labels, but when I print on the label sheet, part of the top line of print and the leftmost character on each line are cut off.

How do I get this to work properly? Is it likely to work any better with an Epson ink printer?

You might try the template at https://www.worldlabel.com/Templates/openoffice-template.htm
and select WL-25. Hopefully, this will give you a start

Thank you very much. With very slight adjustments to the top and left page margins, the labels have printed just fine on the Laserjet.