Avery A4 labels

When I try to print labels the Brand box includes Avery A4, but if I select it the Type box below it only offers [User]. I want to print on Avery L7160 labels.

Some websites suggest the OpenOffice Writer supports Avery A4. Why doesn’t my installation?


Yes the L7160 is in the dropdown (LO v6.1.3.2 shown):

If your dropdown is not showing any list, try running in safe mode: menu Help->Restart in Safe Mode.... If this resolves your problem it is a user profile problem.

Yes, it does work in Safe Mode. How do I change my User Profile to fix the problem?

I can’t say where this is being caused in the user profile. Usually I find creating a new user profile (rename current) is sufficient. But this will cause you to lose any other settings you may have LO customized with. For more information, see → LibreOffice user profile.