Axis X in chart based on number range

I have a sheet with data representing frequency (first column, for X axis) and quantitative response of a system (second column for Y axis).
Not all frequencies are tested, however X axis has to represent continues spectrum.
In chart if first column selected for X axis, it just picks every reading and plot it one by one (so that’s kind of sample chart).
So is it possible for an axis to be based not on a range of data, but to be set up with start value, end value and a ‘step’?

Do you use XY (Scatter) chart type, or …?

I can use any if it has described functionally. Cannot remember exactly which one I tried

From your description, I don’t quite understand your “described functionally”. Do you want to have the chart somehow aggregate all datapoints in intervals and generate integrated subtotals (so that you have chart points different from what you have in the spreadsheet)? or just have X axis formatted as you like? It would be better if you presented a sample spreadsheet with a mockup of the desired result - but I just thought that your question might be solved by using correct chart type (people often try using line charts, when actually XY charts are applicable).

Yes XY chart is exactly what I want. Thank you