Background color on toolbar UI tabbed

Hi, I’m using libreoffice-fresh-7.1.2-3 on Manjaro 21.04 and Plasma 5.21.

I’m trying to costumize the look and feel of LibreOffice writer like Office 365, and so I selected the “tabbed UI toolbar” option.
The only problem is that the header of the tabs got the white theme that I selected, and the background of the icon use my breeze dark theme as default, making the tab completely unreadableble.

What can i do to have the white background also in the toolbar?

I seem to remember a recent question about the same topic (but have no time to look for it). It seems that all tabbed UI are hard-coded or rather much less configurable than the traditional one.

Sorry, do you mean use a Plasma theme globaly or set up a plasma theme in libreoffice?