background color toolbar

Is there any way to add custom background color to a toolbar? I’d only want a different color on one and I’d want to be able to make the change in source.

I’m not sure about customizing a toolbar, but there are ways to make the toolbars more easy to see. Have you tried these easier solutions?

Click Tools>Options and a new window will pop up.

First, under Personalization, you can change to several preset color themes. The color of these themes will show through as a background to the toolbar buttons.

Second, under View, you can change the icons in the toolbar. You can change both icon styles and sizes. Not all icon styles can be shown as extra large buttons. If they do not have the extra large option, they will show with the Colibre icon style.

Third, if you don’t like the icon styles, click the star button next to the Icon Styles drop-down to download more icon styles from the online extensions library. The HiContrast icon style works really well for visibility. Between these three, I’ve found a couple of nice combinations that work well.

The Karasa Jaga icon set, which comes pre-loaded with LO, has well-colored, easy to recognize icons that show up very nicely against the dark gray theme that I use.

Sorry that I don’t have the tech skills to answer you directly, but I hope one of these options helps out.

You can add new colors to a Palette, and you can choose another existing (installed) Palette, and you can create new Palettes.
Same (choosen) Palette will be used for every coloring function and toolbar features in every applications.