Background colour of drop-down menus

Since my latest libreoffice update, to, the background colour of all my menu drop-down boxes has changed from white to very dark grey, making the black print unreadable. Why? How can I change it back to white?

You have some choices:

  1. Turn off Enable experimental features in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced (this might not be effective, try and see). Or
  2. Upgrade to and very probably the problem is resolved. If not go to Tools > Options > LibreOffice > View and change Appearance Mode from System to Light. Or
  3. Revert to LibreOffice
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Color of menus and widgets will among others depend on your operating system. Provide information about your system.

EarnestAl – many thanks for your help. My problem is now solved, by following your instructions in your “choice 1”.

The box for “Enable experimental features” was already unticked, but I ticked it. This brought up a window informing me that my laptop needed to be restarted, either Now or Later.

I selected “Later”, and then unticked the box. This produced the same pop-up window again, so this time I selected “Now”

Following a ten-minute long restart, the drop-down lists now have a white background. – Success.

I had already restarted my laptop a couple of times, and this had not cured the problem. I am not sure that ticking, then unticking, the box, without clicking the “OK” buttons, would have any effect. I just hope that alternatively, it may have been caused by a malfunction in the start-up procedure that does not return.

Once again, many thanks.

Let’s hope that it stays fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:
Otherwise I would recommend upgrading to which has setting for that. Also, it seems quite reliable so far and fixes some problems from 7.4 and

This worked for me too. Had the exact same problem, same version you were experiencing this issue with. Incredibly annoying but glad to have it back to normal. Hopefully this issue can be fixed in the next release.

The issue is fixed for most people in Tabbed interface still has some issues if Windows set to dark theme

I have a white background to my menus and white writing, neither of the suggested options work. Experimental features is turned off and the version is

How can I change the window background colour, as changing any of the application colour values under tools → options has no affect

You really do need to give your operating system and version as mentioned in the guide to this site.

I guess you are on Linux, in which case it could be bug tdf#149611 which should be fixed for version 24.2.0
The new version numbering will be based on date, so some time in February 2024