Backgrounds in Draw and exporting to SVG

Greetings, first time poster.

I’m attempting to create a file in Draw that I’d like to be converted to SVG for high resolution printing reasons. In my drawing I created a background using the builtin gradient features that is to my liking.

When I export my image to a raster file type such as GIF, PNG, etc., the background is preserved and the image looks reasonably good. SVG based saves however seem to lose that background entirely, just having a solid white background instead. (Other objects are preserved.)

There doesn’t seem to be any simple way to change SVG export options. Is there someway to do this? Perhaps a trick to convert the background gradient into an object prior to conversion?

Thanks in advance for any tips.

I notice that Export as SVG the Selection box is ticked, possibly implying that the background doesn’t get exported. But the page background still seems to be exported because of the increased file size

Draw a rectangle the same size as the background and in Area Fill select Use Slide Background. Send rectangle to back and export.

When you are creating your drawing, instead of using Page Background it might be easier to just create a new layer. In it, fill a rectangle with your desired background and set the layer to locked

That worked perfectly, I wasn’t aware of the “use slide background” mode of fill. Thanks!

I posted a bug: Bug 151746 - Export to SVG, Page Background is not exported

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