Backup file security

I’d like to use LO to edit files that I wish to keep secure. One aspect of that process is to only save the files to a USB device so as to never have a copy on the PC hard drive. To this end I would prefer to avoid having LO save backup copies on the PC. (I realize there are also issues related to Windows virtual storage but let’s not get into that here.) Off the top of my head I believe one solution would be to have LO backup to the device containing the original file just as it creates the “lock” there. Another solution might be to just turn off the backup function.

I’d rather not have to alter the backup path manually and someday find LO in trouble when I forget to reset it back from the USB. Turning backup off would be workable as I’m in the habit of doing frequent saves, but I don’t see that function.


If you’re on Windows then you could use a portable version of LibreOffice so the program runs from the pen drive too. The portable version defaults to saving and backing up on the pen drive. The only potential issue is if data can be retrieved from remnants in memory or the HDD/SSD if there is insufficient physical memory.

See or link from the LibreOffice site.

Never work onto a removable media directly. This is not a technically safe method.

If it is not an option for you then use a portable version of the LO on a portable device. That will not save anything onto the built-in storage devices - if you not enforce that.

winPenPack office suites

To turn off backups, go to Tools | Options | Load/Save | General and make sure Always create backup copy is not selected.

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Went there and discovered that the “Always create backup copy” is not checked. However I see a “Save AutoRecovery Information” option that is checked. Perhaps I messed up on the terminology not being a power user. What I meant was the AutoRecovery file. I didn’t even know about the Backup function. So not only did you lead me close enough to the option I needed but I also learned something new. Thanks for your time.