Backup procedure for split database

I suspect that I am misinformed upon what files/folders constitute a split database. I, mistakenly, so it seems, thought that my data was safe when modifying the structure of a table, given that I create a new table and then copy the data across to the new table. A task I have performed many times in recent history. Tonight, I forgot to copy the data across and found that, what I thought was my backup was only the backup of the front end.

Fortunately I had performed a complete backup a couple of days ago, so I have lost two days work. What files actually store the backend data? I do not want to fall for the same mistake again. (I think I’ve worked it out, but just want to ensure that my backup is current whenever I make major changes)


A split database can be done in many ways and with different databases. I will make an educated guess here that you are talking of a HSQLDB 2.X split using this process → [Wizard] Create a new ‘split’ HSQL 2.x database.

With that, the components are in three sections: The Base .odb file(in main folder); the driver(in sub folder); the actual database components(in another sub folder).

The best method for backing this up is to copy the entire folder - all elements involved. The database components are in the database sub folder. There are four files which all are intertwined: xxx.backup;;; xxx.script (where xxx is the name given to the database). So this sub folder is the data you are talking about. These are also the files used in an embedded HSQLDB with the exception the names (xxx) are not used.

If this is not what you have, further explanation is needed regarding the process and database type you have used.

Thanks, you are a good mind reader, I had no idea what info you needed.

You are welcome. But no, not a mind reader at all. After so many questions, comments and responses the new questions usually favor some type of direction. When there is no solid background and clarity is missing you ask more questions - as I believe you have seen.