Backup User Profile?

Hi all, so my LO is behaving strangely, e.g:

• Numbered lists, when set to “start at” a certain number after a previous numbered list, simply add the “start at” number to to the last number of the previous list e.g. if the last number of the former list is 12 and I enter “start at 1” the next list will start at 13, if I enter “start at 2” the list will start at 13 instead of 2.

• Grid lines on tables are showing up grey instead of black when set to black, (only when viewing- not when printing), making it difficult to see the table lines.

So I want to try resetting the User Profile, however I can’t find any instructions on how to back it up, which I gather is advised.
The help page on User Profiles ( only states to back up the User Profile first before modifying it, but gives no instruction on how to do so. I can’t seem to find any other guides on how to do this, and it seems like the sort of thing I want to ensure is done correctly!
Can anyone advise on this?

EDIT: Resetting User Profile did fix said strange LO behaviour, for those interested.


Simply copy & paste into a different location (renaming also can work if you are also deleting the profile). You can always then use this to restore the entire or partial items in the profile.

After saving, if you delete the user profile, a new default profile will be created for you.

Just rename the directory, for example, .../libreoffice/4/user/ to .../libreoffice/4/user_bak/.