Bad Allocation error after upgrading from to

I tried upgrading from to on my Windows 7 Home Premium computer and I keep getting a “Bad Allocation” error when trying to open one of my spreadsheets.

I’ll admit that there are MANY Lookup functions between the worksheets and it’s 2,677Kb in size.

Am I stuck with


I’m not familiar with the error, so could you clarify: does the error popup in a dialog window and will the file not load, or is the error message in any of the spreadsheet’s cells?

In addition to what @bencomp has indicated, does the spreadsheet contain a chart? There was a recently discovered bad_alloc error in relation to chart handling (fdo#79121) which has been fixed (probably for v4.3.x).

The load fails when the error message window pops up.

There are no charts in this spreadsheet, just a lot of look ups and calculations.

It is obviously a bug, you have to report it.