Base Crashing Regularly

I’m using Base in LibreOffice, a fresh install. I have a table with 216 records that I’m creating a handful of Queries for. Upon editing the query and closing the window, Base crashes nearly 85% of the time.
I’ve tried saving the query, not saving the query, saving the entire database as a whole prior to closing the window, nothing seems to prevent the program from crashing unexpectedly due to an unknown error.

For a while it wasn’t a big deal, the auto recovery was annoying and time consuming to constantly have to effectively close and reopen the program, however the last time this happened the auto-recovery was “interrupted” and I’ve managed to lose a bunch of my work.

Any thoughts, ideas, tips?

What’s your OS and OS version? Have you found anything relevant in the Base BUG REPORTS?

Strongly suggest you SPLIT your database.

There is a tutorial about on how to do it in easy stages here. and there is also a wizard to help.

In my experience, of using BASE to develop a large application over 6-9 months, this one action significantly reduces the very annoying crash-almost-every-time.

Somewhere, I forget where, I read a technical explanation of why the crashing occurs. From memory, and I could be wrong, it’s to do with having the database in-core along with everything else of LO.

It has to do with the compressing and uncompressing the Base file when opening and closing it.

I can only agree above suggestion. Split!
I have a win pc, just installed lo to & I use the mysql database from USBwebserver v8 (
& the extension Native Mysql connector 1.02.
You can use lo base to create-edit tables & relationships or use phpadmin.

sorry, below …