BASE : Impossible to edit data via forms!

On base I connected an SQLite database with a jdbc driver. I can see and modify data (insert, delete or update) with the table data editor but can do neither with a form (the data are invisible and cannot be accessed…). Can so help me please?

Don’t have much experience w/SQLite (least favorite) but I do know it works. Have it on Xubuntu and for this test installed LO v5.2.3.3. Using ODBC driver hear but from others (see this post for non-related problems: click here) JDBC also works. Here is a working form:

Have no problems with adding or modifying data through table or form.

Originally set this up with LO v5.1.4.2 so I don’t believe LO is the problem.

Also, I use LO versions from LibreOffice and not “distro” versions.

Thanks a lot ratslinger. I’ve spent some time installing and configuring an odbc driver for my database, to see if it’d work as it does for you. And even though I can’t see a reason why a form would react differently than the main base document depending on the choice of the driver, well … it actually does. With an ODBC driver, forms now work correctly with my database!

Glad it’s working. Keep in mind it could be just that specific JDBC connector. Like other DB usually there are different ones around.