Base and MySQL: getting started

I am a user of ubuntu but I do not play arround with installation.
I have installed MySQL and also LibreOffice. I would like to use a database from MySQL with Base. I have downloaded MySQL Connector/J but do not know what are the next steps. What is my JAVA CLASSPATH? Where do I have to copy the downloaded files? How to proceed with Base?

Thanks for any help!

When you open Base you get the “Database Wizard” and you have three options:

  1. Create a new database (Creates a new odb database)
  2. Open an existing database file (Opens an existing odb database)
  3. Connect to an existing database (Will show a default connection)

Select “Connect to an existing database” and if you have the MySQL connector installed you select MySQL from the connectors, click Next

Select “Connect directly”, click Next

At the next Dialog box select “Server/Port” enter in Database Name for your database (for example “Work” if you have database named “Work”), the Server (the url for the server or if on your computer “localhost”), the port defaults to 3306 and unless you changed the port, the port number is correct. Click on Next.

On the next Dialog box enter the user name (if localhost try root or your user name). Click “Password required” if you need to enter a password. To verify the username & password click test connection and enter your password. If all is correct you should get a message: “The connection was tested successfully” Click OK then Click Next.

On the next Dialog box you can either accept the defaults of change them then Click Finish. You should now see your MySQL database in Base.

If you do not have the Mysql connector installed. You can run the following command via the terminal
sudo apt-get install libmysql-java

You will then need to set the classpath within LibreOffice
-Open up any LibreOffice program and then click on Tools->Options.
-Expand LibreOffice option and then click on Java.
-Click on the Class Path button on the right followed by Add Archive.
-Browse to /usr/share/java/mysql-connector-java.jar
-Click Ok and choose to restart LibreOffice.

Then you can follow the instructions laid out in the previous answer by Jay

For Java install and the connector under Fedora:
Yum update JRE

Yum update mysql-connector-java