Base Auto-value jump

Hi All,
On my LibreOffice Base programme, I have a table set up with a 10-digit integer auto-value. It’s been running about 11 months, and has accumulated over 1200 entries.
I occassionally delete entries and this has never been a problem. The value’s only use is as a primary key and not linked to any other table.
However, I have noticed the number “jumped” from about 1416 to 44249. I say about as I cannot recall whether I deleted any entries near those two values - though I know I didn’t delete 42,833!

One of the basic use of primary keys it’s just to link tables. It makes a bit complicated the SQLs but really much faster. IMO they should never be touched, neither used as numerator for other purposes.


Your post does not actually present a question. It simply states what you are seeing.

An auto increment field does not prevent one from entering their own number. This can happen in error and then the counter will continue from there. If this happens an one wants to get back to their original sequence the records with the incorrect numbers must be reset and then the auto increment field must be reset.

To reset the auto increment number may depend upon the database you are using (you have not stated this). See this post for HSQLDB embedded (may also work for some others) → How to reset the autoincremention in Libreoffice Base

An auto increment field does not prevent one from entering their own number.

… and 44249 really reminds me on a date (2021-02-22)


Good catch. Seems the most logical cause.

Thank you all for the advice and help - yeah, I suppose I didn’t really ask a question, though I’m grateful to read about resetting it.
It’s odd about the date, as it happened on the 7th, but I may have been entering something in anticipation of yesterday!


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