Base - cant find backup in default place


I’m trying to locate LO’s autobackup, to make sure that it actually makes a backup.

From other questions in this forum I understand that autobackups have cryptic names with extension .tmp, and that LO saves autobackups in the “Backups” directory specified in tools > options > LibreOffice > paths. I didn’t change any of those paths, so the backups should be in /home/myusername/.config/libreoffice/4/user/backup.

I have set LO to take a backup every 2 minutes (tools > options > load/save > general), and on the same panel I checked “Always create a backup copy”.

Despite these settings, I do not have a “/home/myusername/.config/libreoffice/4/user/backup” directory, and I can’t find any *.tmp files anywhere in my home drive. I do note however that when I monitor /home/user/.config/libreoffice/4/user/ in my file manager (double commander), the directory flickers every 2 minutes and it looks as if a file or directory is made and immediately deleted, but this happens so fast that I can’t see what is actually happening.

Given my settings,

  • Am I wrong in expecting there to be a “backup” directory in /home/myusername/.config/libreoffice/4/user/ ?
  • Am I wrong in expecting the backup.tmp files to be in that directory?

If yes, why would they not be there?

If not, where should the backups be?

Using LO in Linux Mint 18.3 mate



What you are referring to is auto-recovery every x minutes. This is not a backup but rather recovery information to recover a LO file in case of a crash or similar. There is a Backup setting which is only once (on open?) but not on a timed basis. Don’t think this even works correctly for base.

There is no timed backup I am aware of through Base or for Base. There is a macro in the Base documentation which can be run by the click of a toolbar button. See → LibreOffice Base Handbook Chapter 9 macros - Securing your database. Seem to remember a small bug in the code - easily fixed.

Best method I found is make a copy yourself whenever you see the need. This depends upon your use. If for example you have a Base file connected to MySQL and your only modifications are with data, there is no need to copy he Base file. It is unaffected.

Thanks! … again :slight_smile:

which is only once (on open?)

From Help:

If the Always create backup copy option is selected, the old version of the file is saved to the backup directory whenever you save the current version of the file.


You are correct. Could not recall the occurrence.