Base: Change All Postgresql Schema References In Forms?

Hi all,

I have a database model that I have created lots of data-entry & viewing forms in LibreOffice Base. The default Postgresql schema for most of the tables are in “gcdata” but sometimes this database model will be created in another schema for example “perudata”.

So can I globally replace all “gcdata.” schema references to “perudata” (or what ever) in all the forms/reports in a LibreOffice .odf file?

Or could I create/use a global schema-name variable that would be used in all forms/reports/etc?

The last thing that I will ever want to do is recreate all this again over and over and over!


Can’t see any way this is done in Base. To do so you would need to consider the many different databases Base can be connected to and their methods of defining a database and schema (to wit, PostgreSQL vs. MySQL).

Now it is easy enough to conceive a form with a list box or such, choosing a schema from there and having a macro replace needed form sources if they are table dependent. This of course doesn’t cover the fact that some internals of the form may be based upon a query or even that there are multiple schema already present. And there is the additional work of detecting controls such as list boxes which may require modification.

But that would only cover forms. Then there is the question of changing queries and also reports. Possibly you could do a lot with macros but that requires a lot of work in itself.