Base Combobox Value and Display Text?

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie to LibO Base and this is my very first post in the LibO Foundation Forum.
I am trying to use comboboxes on my forms the same way in Ms Access where you can have a Stored Value used in references and calculations and a Display value used to display the human readable text of the item, could someone please help me figure out how to implement a combobox displayng Names and storing ID’s in the background?
Thank you.


What you describe is a list box and not a combo box.

See on line help → Form Controls

and/or LO manuals → LibreOffice Base Guide Chapter 4 - Forms

There are many samples posted on this site. Here is one:

Thanks for your help Ratslinger,
You are absolutly right, I just realized that the ListBox has two properties that make it to be a dropdown list as I wiched it to be, “Bound Field” under Data tab and “Drop Down” under General tab, I think It abvious that a new comer from Ms Access would easily fall in this missleading concept.
Thanks a lot sir & Best Regards.