Base - Copied buttons from one form to another not working

I have two tables in a database.
I also have two forms corresponding to the above tables.

In the 1st form, I have create a panel of 5 buttons ‘First’, ‘Previous’, ‘New’, ‘Delete’, ‘Last’ for easy navigation. This is working properly.

When I create the 2nd form for the 2nd table, I have copy/pasted these 5 buttons from the 1st form to the current form.

I then change the ‘Content’ value to the 2nd table (in right-click>Select ‘Form…’ to open ‘Form Properties’>‘Data’ tab>‘Content’) for all the buttons.

But these added buttons are not working in this 2nd form during data entry. (The default navigations of Base are working though in the bottom Navigation toolbar.)

When I click my ‘Next’ button, I see that the record number increments but the form entries don’t change.


Probably what has happened is that when you copied the buttons (or group) they ended up on a copy of the first internal form. Here is test just run:


image description


image description

The bottom Navigation toolbar is showing movement from table on previous form:

image description

Notice the Nav bar shows record 2 (after left button press - next record) but the Table Grid at the top shows it is still on record #1.

To correct, simply move the controls to the correct internal form.

Okay! I have got it. I am a newbie. That Form Navigation pane is really helpful. Thanks.Great.

It is one of the things I really dislike. When you create a Form in Base you give it a name and save it. This is then accessible from the main Base screen in the Forms section. When you are designing a form you place a control on a canvas & if you didn’t create one, an internal form is created - see topmost image in my answer in the Form Navigator box… The internal form created there was named Form and it holds the controls related to it & can point to ONE data source. More…

You can then create MORE internal main or sub-forms within this single Base Form. You simply right-click on the internal form name where you want to insert a new internal main or sub-form (or even sub-sub-form or sub-sub-sub-form etc.). Each of these INTERNAL forms can have its’ own data source (from this Base .odb). In fact, using sub-forms is how you link tables together to display related items.

A bit clearer?

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