Base crashes when editing reports

macOS Catalina Libre Office

I have had no problem when creating tables, queries or forms. Now I have sufficient data i have turned to creating reports. I use the Wizard to put the main info into the report then refine the layout afterwards.

After editing for a while Base crashes and anything not saved i have to revert back to the previous save. I have started saving any changes immediately but this is not ideal.

I have also noticed that each time i have to restart Base it seems to be sooner till it crashes again. Even quitting libre office and restarting doesnt help. I am turning to restarting my Mac every 15-20 min as this does seem to give me longer editing.

I have tried setting up a new user directory in Libary but that doesnt work either.

Any help would be much appreciated as my base skills are not extensive as i am still learning since my switch from MS Access, i have put a lot of time & effort into my database but i have ideas for around 25-30 reports but at this rate it is going to take me weeks to create them all.

Could you check whether one of

applies to your situation?

How big is the database file ? Are you using an embedded hsqldb database, i.e. the default type ? If so, then increasing instability as the database gets bigger over time is unfortunately a known disadvantage of using the outdated default embedded db engine.

I’ve been using LibreOffice base for a while (currently V6.2.4.2 on various Ubuntu systems) it is consistently unstable and should be used with caution for critical applications. It tends to be reliable if NO other LibreOffice documents are open, which is difficult if using reports.


This doesn’t actually answer the question. It should be a comment.

I also disagree with your statement in general. Have been using Base for a number of years now - on a personal basis for financial collection/information (critical to me). Apart from HSQLDB embedded being a bad choice for anything but testing, there is little to be claimed as for instability. There are bugs and many can be resolved. But this is true in any software and is not unique to LO or Base.

As for other documents open, almost daily I have many Base files open along with other files for Calc and Writer. Many times this is for testing to answer questions on this site. Occasionally this includes Draw and even Impress. Don’t have a problem in this regard.

Main system is Ubuntu 18.04 Mate with LO v6.3.4.2 (TDF). Have used on many other Linux distros as well.