Base: Create a table with data from a Calc's cell range by 'copy & paste'

In the sample file, it could be done only 64 columns(A2:BL3).

Using 65 columns(A2:BM3), there was an error message.

The message is too big to be read. Is there any limitation on number of column ?

[ LibreOffice]



Based on past questions this is regarding a Firebird database (should note in every question). Your error message does not show the beginning:

image description

You have exceeded the record size limit - See Database Limits

Also tested with HSQLDB and had no problem there.


After a bit of thought, decided to have a look at the data being moved. It is nowhere near the limit specified.

After a few more trial runs, found that changing the field types (Type formatting page of the dialog) of BusinessCode to Integer (did set as primary key), EffectiveDate as Date and LastDate as Date the table was created without further problem.

Edit #2:

Just changed EffectiveDate as Date and LastDate as Date and set a primary key and all worked.

Seems to be some problems within this process. Should be reported → Bugzilla