[Base] Create database for web visualization


I come on this forum to fetch some ideas/advices on a specific (impossible?!) need:

  • I need to create a database with a user interface (for data encoding, views and reports), for which I think the LibO Base component suits perfectly.
  • However, data from this database should be, ideally, available for visualization by external actors. And only part of the data may be shared (for instance, actor A is allowed to see data from tables 1 and 2; actor B is allowed to access data from tables 1, 3 and 4; etc.)
  • Besides, there is for this project no available server, and the best would be that the external actors may not have to install LibreOffice. The way of transfer would be by dropping a share file/folder on a cloud (currently, Google Drive is used). The best should be that from a single file to open (embedde app? in a browser? …?), they could access like a menu or form, to navigate in the data, configured in specific views/reports (kind of dashboard, but no budget for such kind of SAAS).

Here is my need!
Is available some ‘silver bullet’ solution for that…? Or is it a too ‘mess’ idea to be reachable and sustainable? What can be done through LibO and what not at all?

For instance, I saw that it is possible to export Writer files into xml/html. Thus, from Base, is it possible to query the xml/html format when configurating reports? If yes, how deep can we configure the xml/html exported files, for example to create a ‘menu’ file with hyperlinks sending to one xml/html file for each record?
Or tools link the database with external tools like web2py…? or other tool that can create a simple one click-open app…?

(Note: LibreOffice Base have been thought on because to use it for form filling forms and press buttons with already specified queries is accessible. Indeed, I am in charge of setting up the whole ‘system’, but the final users will be other people with no skill/time/responsibility for going much inside the implemented system).

Thanks a lot for any idea, comment, advice, direction of investigation, or even solution!