Base data on form not editable

I am using this to get VAT and Totalcost results from a query:

SELECT “ID”, “BuyDate”, “item”, “Quantity”, “OrderID”, “Cost”, “Vat”, “Delcost”, “TotalCost”, “SupplierPhone”, “SupplierEmail”, “Notes”, “SupplierAddress”, “SupplierName”, “EbaySale”, “A”., “A”.“Cost” + “A”.“Delcost” + “A”.“VAT2” AS “TotalCost1” FROM ( SELECT “Table1Test”., “Cost” * .2 AS “VAT2” FROM “Table1Test” ) “A”

It does bring up the desired results ok , but I found that the data is not editable, neither in the query nor the Form. I do have a PK set in the table where the data is editable.

i have made up another table with just 10 records, and all the fields set accordingly, be it number or decimal. I created another query based on the said table, then used the 2 part statement to create the desired results. After doing so the fields were still not editable .