Base date format not showing correctly

Using LibreOffice 6.2.7 – the date format on several (but not all) date columns on an existing database show as a number (not date).

Using LibreOffice 6.1.6 – the dates in all date columns are correct?

How would one go about fixing the problem when using LibreOffice 6.2.7?


Cannot duplicate your problem. Downloaded LO v6.2.7.1 from TDF (The Document Foundation) and installed on Ubuntu 18.04 (need your OS). Checked many Base files (Firebird embedded, HSQLDB, PostgreSQL in tables, views and some forms) and haven’t seen this problem. These were all created some time ago in earlier versions.

  • What database are you using?

  • Where did you get your version of LO?

  • Can you provide a sample? (add to edited question)

Also have not seen this problem in any 6.3.x version.

I have a similar problem,
win 10 LO 6.3.4 and 6.2.8 (tried both on the same machine). When displaying a table in the table view, there are decimal numbers instead of time and integer instead of date. The table is properly formatted and when used in a form, the values display properly. Strangely, another table in the same database behaves properly. The whole database works fine on another computer (Win 10, LO with the same global settings.
Thanks for any advice

OK, I found, that the field format can be set in the table view as well, which solved the problem. But still strange behavior…

Same problem here with LibreOffice on Ubuntu. Re JVojta’s solution, I could not figure out how to change the table view to show the date - doesn’t seem to be an option in my version. And DougRB’s solution to copy and paste into Calc (why does date display as 5-digit number instead of dd/mm/yyy?) doesn’t work for me either - due to all of the relations between the various tables in my database. (But it is true that when I copied the data into Calc, Calc displayed the date correctly. I just couldn’t copy it back.)

But I did find a workaround. Edit the affected table, click on the date field, and change the Field Properties to provide a sample desired date format.