Base date formats in forms


I have set a date field in a table, set it to DATE and in the table view I can change the format the date is displayed in to DD/MMM, which is one of the default formats it lists.

However, when I create a form to enter data into the table it doesn’t have this format and insists on adding the year, which I don’t want.

Anyone know of a way around this?
(LO 6.2.2)


If a field is stored in a database as a date type, it does require a year. With the format applied to a table, the table data view will allow entry and use the current year as a default. In a form, for a date field control, there is no format as wanted. You can use another field (pattern tested) but it is only good for display and cannot be used for entry. Testing did not work for various field types.

You can report this here → Bugzilla.

Only option to my knowledge, is to write your own macro to handle this format.