Base default value defaulting to another field

Is there any possible way to add a default value for a field which will take another field’s value? . For the sake of example, setting a “Billing Adress” field as the same as “Adress” field as default?

Are you trying to handle this in the table design? This is possible in the form design, but I don’t know if it’s possible in table design.

In form design, you should be able to set an event to occur when an address is typed into the “Address” field, that then writes that value into the “Billing address” field unless a value is already set there. Or there may be a direct “set default” option for the form field.

At least this gives you where to look: form design, I believe; not table design.

Yes, I was trying it in table design. Guess, I should leave it as is in table design and concentrate on form design.