Base doesn't show table content in PDF or prints


I have this weird behaviour with Base, where I have my form designed with forms and subforms. One of the subforms contains a table. This is only to show data (no editing or adding allowed). Some tables are only to navigate but they are not printable. This is a solution for me to generate invoices for customers.

My problem is that it doesn’t print the headers of the table and the content of the table. If I save it as ODT, it generates the headers but not the content of the table. The table is supposed to show products/services. So it is vital!
I can’t figure it out how to solve this issue. I have tried 5.1 as parallel installation but it did not work. I could not install 3.3, as it did not find JREs on my system.

I am using LO 5.0.6 on Ubuntu 14.04.

Thanks for any help and tips.

Perhaps your problem is a manifestation of this BUG?

For now I accept this answer and found the same bug yesterday. I tested it and appears to happen with 5.0.6 and 5.1 but not with 4.4.7. I am using now 4.4.7 in parallel just for this. After I do some more testing, I will add to the report. But they have the issue since 3.4. Might be that the bug was fixed after that and reintroduced with version 5.