Base: encoding problems when importing a DB from Access 2010

I’m trying to import a DB that was originally created using Access 2010; after successfully creating the connection, at the very last step I get this error message:

“Decoding not supported. Please choose a CodecProvider which supports reading the current database encoding.”

The original DB is in Italian therefore there are some accented characters (I usually use encoding Latin1), so I am not sure how to proceed here to make Base read the DB with the correct encoding.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Hi lia

A mis-match between the original char encoding & current locale would cause text display errors but is unlikely to prevent access (pun intended).

I’ve done a quick search on your error-string & the closest match is for an Access 2010 DB that is password-protected. Is that the situation for your DB?

At the bitter end, and if you still have program access to the original dB, export it as both CSV & SQL, then attempt input on those values. CSV may seem ludicrous, but that has saved my bacon in the past with a MySQL DB & was extremely fast to import.

Hi Alex,
Thanks a lot for your help - I do not have windows on my computer, just ubuntu and I had tried to oped the db in Calc but again , no luck as the encoding was not recognized and I got a file with symbols and nothing readable in it!
To be honest I haven’t asked if the db was pw protected, how silly of me! I will see and eventually post another question later… thanks