Base error message - connection driver

I have been working with a Base database I created, but recently started getting these error messages when I attempt to open the main table. “The connection to the data source could not be established. Error code: 1000. The driver class " could not be loaded. SQL status: HY000.”

On the main database page it says JDBC on the bottom left side. This is a bit surprising to me, as the database was created using Libre Office 4.2.1 running under Windows 7. Also I don’t understand what the error message reference to 'The driver class " ', what does that mean?

Please tell me what has gone wrong and how I can once again connect to this database.

It means that the Java driver could not be found. The reasons for that can be multiple : wrong version of Java, incomplete LibreOffice installation or upgrade, the JDBC driver has been moved to somewhere else or has changed versions. If your connection indicates that you have JDBC, then you were using a jdbc driver for your connection to the database. As you don’t say, what kind of database backend you were using, we can’t really help you much further than that.

If you are using Win7 64bit, you still need to install a 32bit JDK/JVM in order for LO Base to work properly with the embedded hsqldb engine, as LibreOffice is still only 32bit on Windows.