Base - Fail to open Mysql dump file

First, can LO open MySQL dump files? And how this is done?

I want to read-copy the fields inside the dump file .sql extension. I want to save the data in Calc, or Writer or Base.
I know there is software named MySQL Workbench, but is complicated.

I’ve tried to open a mysql dump file locally stored
(–MySQL dump 10.10
– Host: localhost Database: peg_erp00
– Server version 5.0.84-community-nt), but I couldn’t.

LO in Win7 Ultimate SP1-64bit English

Perfectly normal behaviour. You are expecting LO to read a SQL dump and to know what to do with it ? At best, it could open it up as a text file in Writer.

Why not read in your SQL dump from the command line like everyone else or use a grapihcal tool like MySQL Workbench, phpmyadmin, pgadmin, Razor SQL, etc?

Base is not designed to read directly from a SQL dump, it is merely an interface to a container (the ODB file) which itself contains definitions of how connection to the data source is set up (embedded hsqldb, separate db engine (mysql, firebird, postgresql, H2, etc), and optionally, any queries, reports and forms that you might want to create in association with the data source).