Base fails to update deprecated HSQL database.

I have opened a particular database in every updated version since 6.1.0 and always experience the same problem. If I try to run a query it says “The document contains embedded HSQL data, which is deprecated.” and do I want to update it. If I say yes I get the following error and the data is unusable.

firebird_sdbc error:
*Dynamic SQL Error
*SQL error code = -104
*Token unknown - line 1, column 20
*ID caused by ‘isc_dsql_prepare’

I have just started saying no each time and everything is fine but I would like to try and figure out what is going on, figure out if my data has a problem, or submit a bug or copy of the data if it would be helpful. I’m open to any suggestions or guidance.


You have turned on Enable experimental features in LO Options (Advanced). This has enables the use of Firebird embedded database. This change is still in process. With this enabled, when an existing HSQLDB .odb is opened, the option is given to convert to Firebird embedded.

There is nothing wrong with the data and it is not a bug. To stop the message, turn off experimental feature:


Tools->Options then LibreOffice->Advanced


LibreOffice -> Preferences then LibreOffice->Advanced

The error you are getting during conversion could be caused by a variety of things. Only a copy of your .odb can give a clue as to the actual conversion problem.

Edit 2018-10-01:

@dshimer I have removed the sample from your question. Data may be a bit confidential/personal.

The error is because of the table name. The space is causing the error. You may want to check/file bug report on this.

Was able to convert by doing the following (should always have a backup copy):

  • In original .odb renamed table from Job Data to JobData - no space.

  • Closed .odb & re-opened

  • Selected Tables section & answered Yes to convert - completed

  • Saved .odb. Firebird embedded requires more saving than the HSQLDB did.

  • Copied JobData table - right mouse click & select copy

  • Pasted table and for name (in dialog presented) changed name to Job Data

You need to be aware of a couple of items. The field types were converted from Text[VARCHAR_IGNORECASE] TO Text[VARCHAR] as the former is not a type in Firebird. You may also need to modify other items. For some items to be aware of, see my answer in this post → Firebird Migration Expectations

If you have other questions but not specifically regarding this error, please feel free to ask but specify as a new question. Makes it easier for others to find.

Experimental is on, offer to update is made and accepted, error occurs and data is inaccessible.
My main question is where do I go from here. I don’t know if I should file a bug, or for that matter how to. I’m glad to let someone have access to the ODB if it would help track down a problem, but I don’t know how to tell if it is the data itself causing it.
Thanks for the reminder that if I turn off experimental I won’t have to skip the offer to update the DB.

Be glad to look at. Please edit you original question and use the attachment tool (paperclip) to post your .odb.

@Ratslinger , Done, appreciated.