Base field data errors?

I’m a newbie just setting up my first database for a historical society. Received following error message when entering date.

All my fields are set to 100 characters or more. My field list is also shown. Can anyone help?


It would help to know the exact data that is causing the error. It would seem that one of the strings being inserted is longer than the field length.

As an aside, you should consider normalising your data structure

If the error message is to be believed strings fo all fields except 12 that 15 and 21 had data strings too long! This can’t be since none of the data exceeded 100 characters, and fields 16 thru 19 were absolutely EMPTY. This happened upon trying the first entry, so it probably was caused by something done (or not done) when I set up the database. “normalization” is far beyond my level of understanding at this point.

@JEJennings The easiest way to help at this point would be for you to post a copy of the Base file. You can edit your question & use the paperclip icon in the toolbar to attach.