Base fixes search results in front of main box

In Base if I use the search facility (ctrl F) in query or a form the result box is fixed in front of the parent box which is not practical. I want to be able to move the front box or shrink it or some way to read my parent first box.


You can grab the title bar of the dialog with the left mouse button and drag it to where you want. Although the re-size indicators show, I find no method to re-size the dialog.

I cannot move the result box relative to the parent box. No way.


I have no problem on Ubuntu 20.02 Mate with LO v7.0.0.3

You may want to try resetting your user profile → LibreOffice user profile

With further problems, report here → Bugzilla

The problem disappeared and I do not know how or why. Must have been a fallen bit in the profile.
I must correct this. The problem for me exist on ubuntu 18.04 with LO
Other ubuntu 16.04 with lo does not experience the problem.