Base Form Document Path (File Picker)

WIN 10, LO 6.4.2 HSQL2.51

Hello All,

Document and URL management within a form can be achieved in various ways, one way being a table control, a textbox and a button for URL retrieval as shown below.


The resources setup can be done via copy and paste or typing. Now having a File Selection Tool in the form design toolbar allowing to browse and open any file, this begs the question

IF and How there is some way to populate the table control accordingly thus eliminating copy paste ?

Appreciate your thoughts, thank you.


Here is a quick n dirty working example for anyone needing something similar. The code needs to be cleaned up, some error trapping added and maybe the cursor of the tablecontrol set to a new row on open to prevent over writing an existing url.


The File Selection control is like any other control. Once you have the value selected & displayed, have a second button to execute a macro to get the selected text in the control and use that in a macro executed SQL Update statement for your table.

I would also think this could be simply an entry field for your table - no need for a macro at all.

@Ratslinger Thank you, will experiment a little, without macro I am not sure as no property to bind a field


Did not look close enough at the control. Need to use a macro. Can access the Text value after gaining access to the control.

@Ratslinger, have edited the question to include a rough solution.