Base form multi-line text box auto scroll?

I have a text box that displays a cumulative output with a new line at the end of each item. It has a vertical scroll bar. How do I get the box to autoscroll down to the bottom as the visible part fills up, the way a terminal window would?

hello jvg, you could write this macro in StarBasic and connect it to the “Text modified” event of your text box:

Sub Multiline_ScrollDown( oEvent )
REM Connect this method to the "Text modified" event of a Multiline Textbox.
REM This moves the caret position to the end of the text, each time the text changes.
    Dim oSelection, iEndPos as Integer
    iEndPos = Len( oEvent.Source.Text )
    oSelection = createUnoStruct( "" ) 
    oSelection.Min = iEndPos
    oSelection.Max = iEndPos
    oEvent.Source.setSelection( oSelection )
End Sub