Base, Form: Save "multi-line with formatting" content

I’m using LibO and default HSQLDB

I have a Table with one field named “Description”, type Note [LONGVARCHAR].
I made a Form with a Text Box with “multi-line” for this column which I can bind to “Description” field.

But I need “multi-line with formatting” content saved to the table. How can I do this? I don’t fully understand if it’s HSQLDB problem (there’s no field capable of containing this) or is Base Form problem (UI can’t do this).

What’s the case of having a “multi-line with formatting” in Forms if you can’t store it.

did you find a solution to this since? I’m also searching.

Me three. LibO on KDE Neon. Just started using Base in the last week and a bit shocked this doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m now fairly sure it’s a Base Form problem as I’ve switched from HSQLDB to MySQL and I’m having the same issue.