base gets sluggish after editing forms

Whenever I edit a form and continue to edit records in the form, Base gets sluggish, after a while. If I realize it quickly enough I can exit both the form and Base and can save my work. Usually, Base crashes and I end up with a blank window that would normally say “Do you want to save to save the form” (or something similar). Is this a case of running out of memory? Task manager says plenty of memory available. Environment is Win10 with 12 G of memory. Same problem occurs on two similar machines.

Try resetting the user profile → LibreOffice user profile.

If needing further help, please provide specific LO version and database used. What is meant by edit a form - adding controls, changing its appearance… Also if this happens in all forms, if it happens when a new Base file is created etc. More info please. No know problems of this type currently.