Base - Highlight expired data in a form

I would like to know if is possible in a Form of Libreoffice Base to highlight data that are going to expire soon in yellow, and highlight in red data that are already expired. Please see the attached example (referred to a few weeks ago).

I would like to know if this is possible and how to do it with the easiest way possible, since I am not a programmer.

Thank a lot.

Conditional changing of anything on a Base form typically requires the use of a macro (programming). Since you state you are not a programmer, this is not something you can learn overnight. If you ever want to start, best to start with some of the simple things as found in the LO documentation - click here.

However, even with that said, it appears you may be referring to specific items which may be listed within a table control. If so, even with a macro this is probably not possible. If you were dealing with individual items, say within text boxes, then yes you can. A sample (again it uses macros) can be found in my answer on this post.

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Thank you very much Ratslinger. I’ll see if I can understand something. Thanks again Dario

@vandario I removed the check mark from your question. You did not understand my statement. The referred to check mark is in my answer section. It is to help others know the question has been answered. When clicked it turns green (must wait for this as it takes a few seconds).