Base, Query, conditional formatting

I have searched and can’t find a way to do conditional formatting (color a cell based on a condition; e.g. date 1 < date 2. Does this exist at the Query/View level?
Thank you
Joe Castor

@Ratslinger, I get this error: Thank you. Those are the lines I seem to miss when posting. Sample in answer is now corrected. I believe you understand you can just delete that line and all will run OK.

@Ratslinger Thank you, it works now.

Changing control properties based upon conditions is only done through macro coding. For a rough example a sample is attached. Group box changes color depending upon COLOR1 (only ‘blue’, ‘green’, ‘yellow’ & ‘red’ are coded) data & ‘Date with Color’ text box changes color if date is not in future.

ColorChanging.odb - corrected version

EDIT: In re-reading your question, no there is no way to format a query result set. The same is true of a table view. Sorry for mis-reading your question.