Base - How to Edit and Add Fields to Contact Template

I’ve created a Table with Contact Template; in Design I placed the Fields, but the data from the Table could not be made to show up or display? I cannot create a useable Form.

I’ve used MS Access for years, so this should be simple in LO, but it isn’t – all I want is a form that looks like the Contact Template, but with several fields added and some removed.


You will need to be more specific. I’m not familiar with the template you reference. Use the Form Navigator to explore your setup. The button is on the ToolbarForm Design. LO Forms have a root form that is a collection, and then individual forms that do not have a physical domain, this can be confusing. Make sure the controls are on the form you think they are, if not click and drag them in in the Form Navigator to the right form. Make sure Add data only option is Off.