Base How to set row height in a sub-form table?

I have a list box in a sub-form table and need to make the row height larger so I can read the cell value being displayed.

Any suggestions on how to make all row heights taller in a sub-form table?

Thanks in advance!


Open the form in edit mode. Now toggle design mode so you have data in form. With left mouse button, drag separator between lines to desired height:

Toggle back to design mode and save form.

Normal running of form should now be displayed with new line width.

After hours of trying to find a way to adjust the row height, I feel almost silly.

Thank you very much!

You are welcome. Do not think this is intuitive. It is not exactly the way you would expect to alter a grid, that being to go from edit to live to edit & save. You can modify it directly in live mode but the size will not be retained after closing the form.

It needs to be also mentioned you can adjust row height in the controls properties this being a positive or negative adjustment.