Base: How trigger a macro when I move to the next or previous record?

When I move from current record to next or previous or new record in form, I would like trigger a macro. I want fill some variables automatical when I press next, previous or new record button in navigation bar. Without extra button.


Should be able to do by attaching macro to After record change event (located on internal form properties). See → Events

Tnx for answer. But this event work when I change record. I need trigger when I move from record to record without changing data.

Have tested and After record change does work when moving from record to record. After record action is the event which is done when there is data changed.

Please verify you are using the correct event. There are a number of events listed on the linked post given.


Depending upon what you are trying to do, you may want/need to attach to both.

You are totally right! After record change do exactly what I need. I didn’t test this event because I was thinking: “Ok. After record change meaning event when record is changing…”. Wrong :slight_smile:
Thaks a lot! :slight_smile: