Base hsqldb.jdbc Driver can't load

Split DB in Dropbox. Error indicates there is a bad link (trying to do a Data > Refresh Range in a Calc file using a linked data source Query in the DB). My user (John D) has done something to create this error which I can’t find. The error is: “The driver class ‘org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver’ could not be loaded.” The additional driver class path is not correct and needs to be changed. The error shows it currently as ‘file:///E:/Astronomy/Clubs/S.A.S/New_DB/SAS%20Members%20Team%20Folder/SAS%20DB/driver/hsqldb.jar’.
Can I get some insight as to where to go to fix it. I checked for the presence of a class path and found none. I tried to reset the Data Source in the Calc file, but receive the same error trying to make that change.
Any help will be much appreciated.
Joe C

The sounds like the same problem John D originally posted - here.

Make sure the registered database name and location are correct.


This Dropbox situation adds a bit of a problem even when moved around correctly. Stepping through the process allowed me to duplicate the situation.

First is the split database. This will adjust itself when moved to a new location via a macro (discussed in previous questions). It does the when the .odb is opened and modifies a file in the .odb (content.xml file). Then the DB operates properly in the new location.

In your situation, moving the folder from one machine to another until the .odb is opened, it contains the information from where it was previously opened. Now imagine the database (along with the linked sheet) was opened on your system last & all was OK. Back to Dropbox. Now John D gets access and moves it to his folder. At this point all seems OK since the registered names were properly set up originally. So the first thing John D does is tries to open the linked spreadsheet and refresh the data. He then gets the error mentioned in your question. Why?

When the spreadsheet tries to access the DB data through the .odb it reads the content.xml file to find proper hsqldb.jar driver location. At this point, it still thinks it is on your system since it was never opened on John D’s system, thus the error.

Remedy. If all else remains unchanged (no different directories from download to download), the first thing to be done should be to open the database and save. Save will come on when opened since the macro changes the content.xml file. Once this is done the spreadsheet should work.

I realize this is a long explanation compared to the actual solution but I thought it important for you to understand how the problem was occurring.

Your answer was clear, and testing it shows exactly your description. You’re definitely some kind of magic wizard. That was way to easy, and now I have a new step to add to my instruction sheet.
Thank you so much.

@JoeCastor Thank you for the kind response. Over time you would have gotten it. Just a note here - If both systems were set with the .odb being within the same named directory within an identical file structure (i.e. Windows Drive E for example), the problem would not be apparent. It would find the correct location of the hsqldb.jar file.

Thank you, good information. That actually was the original plan, but it got off course.