[base]: Input a value into grid via filters selected

PriceList - Copy.odb ← my database

dyn_Listboxes.odb ← Sample i used to make filter

I’m trying to use a filter i have created to lock in the manufacturer and model in a data grid that will be used to either enter or view results based on that filter. I don’t think this is a very difficult problem but i’m a newbie on base and sql.

The form im trying to do this in : frmPartListEntry
the table used for filtering : tblFilter
the Queries for filtering : qryManuFilter (used to select manufacturer)
qryModelFilter (used to select models from tblModels Based of filtered input")
i started to try setting up a query for displaying the results : qryFilterDisplay

any help or direction so that i can start to figure this out would be much appreciated
thank you in advance


The sample you have attached (dyn_Listboxes.odb) is trash. It does nothing.

First you need to understand table filtering. It takes a bit to understand but once understood it is easy. Please review this post → Filter/Search with Forms (leveraging SubForms). In that post you will also find many examples to assist you.

If you still have questions after that please post something with specific information. What you seem to want should not be a problem with filtering.

Another consideration, HSQLDB embedded (database you used) is very old. Firebird embedded may be a better choice. Also when posting, best to include specific LO version used, OS and the database used.

Thank you for the link , I think I’ll update to that database , I found that sample on this site but I’ll look into those filter example you suggested, thank you for your time

Still, just out of curiosity, would like to see the link to where you got the Base sample.

i cant seem to find it but i could swear it was on these forums , someone was asking to do something similar and the guy said this was a no macro sample to go off of so i tried using this sample to make my filter.

Thanks anyway. Just curious.