Base IP Address MySQL

Good day,

When I created the db, I entered localhost as the server address. It took a while to figure out that when I opened that db file on a network machine and got Communication Link error, that the ip address was the problem. I changed it to the host machine’s IP address (, however when I am working on the host machine I cannot connect. I use the computer name for the IP address and get the same thing.
What needs to be done so that the host machine and network machines can all connect?

Extra Info
LibreOffice Base 6.2.5 with MySql using JDBC connector. W10, (using Workbench to configure MySQL server)


Working with “names” instead of ip addresses requires a working name resolution. If you got no working DNS you need to assure a local name resolution by adding an entry to the hosts file which is
on Linux systems /etc/hosts
on Windows system C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts (be aware that antivirus software may protect the file for being changed - check your antivirus software’s documentation on how to unprotect for a change)