BASE list of tables, How to display only tables, no other structures

Is there a method to hide structures in the table list.
In my case there is three things very annoying:
-All tables are under a structure where the root is the schema

There is menu Tools >Table Filter tho hide some tables but it is not enough because the name of the schema must be removed.
I just need the tables name. The data base is for non expert user then they do not need to know anything other than the list of tables.

Software: LibreOffice and Postgresql 9.5.5

Thank you


Databases typically do not have a switch to determine user level. Hopefully a database is chosen because of its’ abilities and functionality.

Having the schema displayed is an advantage not only to know you are in the correct schema but also to have multiple schema available. A quick look at MySQL shows the same.

From PostgreSQL docs:

Schemas are analogous to directories at the operating system level, except that schemas cannot be nested.