(Base) Look up record from text box entry

I’m new to DB stuff so I’m probably just getting my terms wrong and that’s why I’m not finding what I need here. So let me see if I can communicate this correctly.

I have a table full of records for our cemetery here. I want to be able to pull up a record with all of our information (Names, dates, locations, notes, etc), by searching for information from a single field.

So, if I want to know what year John Doe was buried, I can search for John or Doe or any single part of his records, and have all of the other information show up in the form. Also, I’d like a subform to show me all the records that have whatever I searched for.

Example being if I search for John Doe by last name, I’d like all the “Doe” to appear in the subform. We get a lot of people that come by looking for a grandparent and decide they also want to find a cousin or whatever with the same last name.

I’ll attach a screen shot here of what I’m working with and hopefully it’ll help make sense of this. Sorry for being uneducated here.

If there’s anything else I can provide that will be of assistance I am more than happy to do so. Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Your request is not going to work just as stated. For example you mention:

Now if searching for John and there are multiple, how can you show all the other information if you don’t know which John is wanted? This is what a table grid is used for.

What you are asking for is an elaborate search. You can do this with table filtering.

See the following (and links within):

Filter/Search with Forms (leveraging SubForms)

Filter items between two dates - has sample in question somewhat in line with your request

how to put a search box into a LO Base form - other mthods

DummyPersons2.odb (50.0 KB)

" Now if searching for John and there are multiple, how can you show all the other information if you don’t know which John is wanted?"

That’s what the table is for. Any record that matches a first name of John shows up in the subform. Then when I select the one I want, it populates the main form at the time.

I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it done. However, I don’t know HOW it was done or what it was done with.

I’ll give those links a look and see what I can find out. Thank you.

My dummy persons db has a unique index on forename, surname and birth date. You can not enter the same person twice.
Open the persons table for editing and then the index designer.

The form shows multiple persons in the grid below the criteria input. Enter “br” in the grey name box and the grid shows 1 Bridges and 2 Bright.

And if “power filter” forms are too complicated to built, there is a built-in filter mechanism which does not require any setup while being a bit more difficult to use.
Open my first form, remove all criteria from the grey boxes and click the refresh button.
Click the form based filter on the navigation toolbar. Now the form turns into another mode for criteria input with an additional toolbar.
Enter the following into the surname field:

like Br*

Click the apply filter button on the filter mode toolbar. The grid shows 1 Bridges and 2 Bright.

And another one:
Click the last button on the navi toolbar while the focus is in the form grid. You get an additional grid view on the same form with a toolbar on top. On of the toolbar buttons is labeled as “Standard filter”. It opens a filter dialog similar to Calc’s standard filter. Don’t ask me why this is not part of the navigator toolbar.

That’s not how it works. When you select a table grid item, if connected, it will appear in a sub form from that grid.

What Form(s), sub forms, sub sub forms, etc. you have depends upon what you are attempting.

Click the magnifying glass, bottom left of your screen, next to the word Record, and you can search any field for whatever you like.