Base Lost All my tables,Forms after to recover?

I was testing relational DB. Something went wrong. LibreOffice Base crushed. After restore and open it now at the bottom it shows JDBC, I remember before it alway was HSQLDB.

And All my tables, queries, forms and reports are gone!!!

I am sure I can’t be only one who face this for the first time…!! I do need to know who to recover from this.

I do have a backup of everything; but it is very frustrating to lose it all; just like this.

In Advance; Thanks for your quick help.

The solution I think is backup often.


Had the same problem with several databases. I did not find a solution, except converting to MS access.

This is not really an answer to the original question, “how to recover?” BTW, MS Access has it’s bugs too, and is not immune to getting pretty screwed up. I have had to restore it from backups probably over 50 times in the years I’ve used it. Yes I did at one point purchase an upgrade to Access 2007, but even today I still continue to use Access 2003 because they have not fixed the bugs in either one. At least I knew where the really bad bugs are in 2003.