Base macro: refresh table?

I have a form with several tables and they use queries to select data. After modifying the data in MySQL server with macros, how do I refresh the tables ?

This refreshes only the first table:

oDisp = createUnoService("")
oFrame = ThisComponent.getCurrentController().getFrame()
oDisp.executeDispatch(oFrame, ".uno:Refresh", "", 0, Array())

This doesn’t work at all:

oBaseContext = CreateUnoService("")
oDataSource = oBaseContext.getByName(dbName)
oCon = oDataSource.getConnection("", "")

Please help, I need this done ASAP and I’m really new at LibreOffice Base, can’t figure this out.

Sub reloadAllTables
    Dim Forms : Forms = ThisComponent.DrawPage.Forms
    Dim i%
    For i = 0 To Forms.getCount()-1
End Sub

someone please accept this, i’m getting e-mail but can’t accept it myself…