Base missing Index Info

When Edit – Edit on a table, then Edit Index, I get the “Indexes” window with the current indexes listed. The problem is that none of the Fields – Index Field values are displayed and the only active button at the top of the screen is “New Index”.

NOT so handy? What should I be doing? The help system is telling me to “get to work” (Not literally…) but I’m stuck.

Base missing Index Info… I got exactly the same problem as described in this question… - anyone has an answer? this problem makes the indexing of fields impossible!

This problem occurs in a totally regular database, i.e. embedded, new and clean.
Any new table, made by using a wizard or using design view, with or without records, don’t show me the Index info and don’t allow me to edit it. I know that some problems appear as a database becomes more complexed - but here I’m talking about an absolutely fresh file. what to do?

Actually, now I’ve realized that this is a known bug in LO 4.*:

Bug 63539 - Table indexes: content can’t be seen, index can’t be deleted, index can’t be renamed since LO 4.*

see Bugzilla link:

fdo#63539 · Status: RESOLVED FIXED (LibreOffice 4.0.6 / 4.1.2)